Sunday, February 20, 2011

some side thoughts about the purpose of life

we cant see atoms or how they work, but we can see our celestrial bodies around us because it is big as fuck in perspective to our size in the universe. Self similarty is found through out everything that exist. universe resembles atoms, which resemble quarks. So if you create a being that is the size that you need to see. One day they will be able to tell you what they experience if you keep them safe. and after they ascend and agree to work together and shit.
tripedx: but whats beautiful. if they are perspectively the size of us compared to atoms. then that means, in perspective of time, we only exist for a single second. to them. but to us a second is ample long enough for a though to happen.
tripedx: if we could do that, we could learn exactly how the universe works, in less then a second.
tripedx: perspectivly our second that is, to the beings that we would create, like God created us, would experience time the same way we do. and the same way God does.

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