Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trans dimensional existence through fractal creation

Along with this blog i have been keeping track of my dreams via a dream journal . Dreaming originally inspired me into the thought process that discovered realities fractalization property. Dreaming is a product of fractalization like everything in the known and unknown universe.

In my 11/14/2010 dream journal post i go into further detail about this topic.

Time is created when consciousness is created, simultaneousness they coexist, because consciousness will create time in order to keep track of memory, and to be able to order things sequentially, in order to learn. Learning is created when consciousness tries, in a plane where consciousness always succeeds, there are no limits, and the universe consciousness creates will be limit less, adding law becomes limiting, to create is to control. Learning enlightens the controller. Once enough control is gained, time becomes extremely apparent. I wonder if in the dream state, knowing that one does trans-dimensionally exist through the dimensions one creates, will allow for greater clarity when in these other existences. If we could trick our internal time keeper to autotune into theres, then perhaps time dilation will occur enough for memory recollection/generation/lucidity to begin in depth.

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  1. great blog i am loving it so far.
    damn that video is a trip dude.